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Birth injury » Facial palsy

The most common feature of the condition is drooping of the facial muscles due to malfunction of the facial nerve. The facial nerve controls the face muscles and causes them to contract. It is also known as the seventh cranial nerve. It has a complex route from the brain stem to the face muscles it controls, which lift the eyebrows, close the eyelids and move the cheek muscles.

Causes of facial palsy

When the facial nerve is damaged just before or at the time of delivery this may cause paralysis to the same side of the face stimulated by the damaged nerve.

Facial paralysis can also be caused by compression or damage to the facial nerve while in the mothers womb and after birth via viral infection of the facial nerve, bacterial infections and HIV. Read more at www.bellspalsy.org.uk

The way facial palsy affects the area around the eye is particularly important. If the eyelid sags or there is an ectropion (an outward turning of the lid margin), this may result in a watering eye or an inability to close the eye. For a newborn baby who wants to sleep, this can be extremely distressing. The eye can also be red and vision may become blurred.

Osteopathic manipulation is a popular treatment for a birth injury like facial palsy, along with face massage and the application of gentle heat to reduce pain.

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