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Work Accidents » Eye related work injury

Whether or not the old phrase about them being the windows to the soul is true or not, our eyes are among our most important organs, and an accident at work that damages them is naturally a serious one, and one that can lead to blindness.

There are many obvious risks in manual work of an accident occurring with a sharp edge, a spark or a toxic chemical. These can largely be avoided through the use of appropriate protective eyewear, but it is important to ensure that such health and safety equipment fits properly, or potential work injury compensation claims may still result.

Less obvious risks are also present in white-collar work, most notably in terms of over-use of computer screens. It is not the screen directly that is likely to cause personal injury to the eyes, but associate factors such as bad posture, bad lighting or dry eyes leading to eye strain. In these cases, adjustable chairs and keyboards can be as useful as directly eye-related actions.

As compensation claims for loss of sight in even one eye can result in six-figure payouts, it makes good sense financially, as well as ethically, to ensure that risk assessments are performed and acted upon. It can also be wise to ensure that someone in a workplace has the first aid skills to deal with eye injuries, as it is often true that the initial urge, such as rubbing eyes, is the wrong thing to do.

Much more information about eye care than can fit in this page is available from the Healthy Eyes website.

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