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Vibration White Finger » Ergonomic tools

With the introduction of new HSE health and safety regulations relating to Vibration White Finger, employers are now taking steps to introduce ergonomic policies and require that employees use ergonomic tools to reduce the likelihood of an industrial accident and the risk of developing Vibration White Finger.

Employers are now required by law to assess workplace safety and work-related accidents to establish what risks an employee is regularly exposed to, in order to reduce excessive exposure to vibration that will cause too much stress and strain for their body.

Replacement tools

Some pneumatic tools have not been modified to ensure vibration reduction for decades. Tools can be over 50 years old, with no vibration reduction measures at all, and so produce high levels of vibrations.

Ergonomic tools can take place of potentially damaging vibratory tools. High-tech systems for dampening vibration have been in development in production laboratories over the last ten years. Other improvements include reducing weight, sound levels and advances in the power-to-weight ratio that power tools can achieve.

More and more companies globally are now cottoning on to the fact that they can reduce personal injuries amongst their workforce including conditions like Vibration White Finger and production costs by using ergonomic tools.

Vibration White Finger compensation claim

Many workers continue to work while experiencing the symptoms of Vibration White Finger because they dont understand the condition they are experiencing and so dont treat it accordingly. They also often dont know that they can ask employers to provide different tools for the job if they feel they are experiencing excessive levels of vibration.

The consequences can be catastrophic. Vibration White Finger sufferers can experience disabilities that they never recover from, and find themselves unable to carry out simple daily tasks like cooking, gardening and tying their shoes.

If you have Vibration White Finger through no fault of your own, we may be able to help you make a personal injury compensation claim.

We wont charge you a thing at any time and every single penny of compensation that you win is yours to keep. Thats right, making a Vibration White Finger compensation claim with HappyClaim is totally cost free and we wont take a cut of your damages.

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