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Work Accidents » Electricity and work accidents

Electricity can be a lethal ingredient in a work accident. There are approximately 30 fatal accidents at work each year that involve electricity, and about a thousand more that are less serious. The risk is higher when working outside or in wet conditions, but there is an element of risk anywhere with electrical equipment.

Employers have a duty to protect their employees from such electrical accidents, both by ensuring the equipment is safe and by ensuring their employees are appropriately trained in the use of electrical equipment.

There is also a necessity to ensure the safety of employees wherever they are at work, which means an employer must take steps to protect employees from dangers on work sites from overhead and underground cables.

Employees also have a responsibility to act in accordance with their training, and to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their colleagues from an electrical work accident. Unsafe practices should be stopped and reported to a manager, for example, and any residual current devices should be regularly tested.

Any work accident involving electricity that causes a serious enough accident must be reported in line with the RIDDOR regulations. Similarly, any electrical overload or short circuit that causes a fire or an explosion, whether or not it results in an injury to anyone, should be reported.

The effects of electric currents as low as 50 volts can be enough to cause serious burns, to stop a persons heart, and cause muscle spasms strong enough to cause lasting muscle strain or break bones. Any of these can have secondary effects, such as causing the person to fall if the work accident occurred at height.

Making an electrical work accident claim

If you have been involved in an electrical work accident, and believe your employer or a colleague is at least in part responsible, then you could be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation toward the costs of medical treatment, damages, and lost earnings.

HappyClaim can help you through what can be a complex process. We have years of experience handling industrial injury cases, and believe that the compensation process should be open to all. For this reason, we offer a completely free service in all work accident claims, working on a no win, no fee basis. 

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