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Dormant Bank Accounts
Dormant Bank Accounts
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Difficult as it may be to believe that anyone could lose track of their hard-earned money, it can be easier than you think to forget about savings accounts, particularly if you opened them many years ago, or have moved home several times over the years.

Once an account is identified as being dormant, the money is moved into a central fund which is put towards good causes. However, if you subsequently discover a forgotten bank account, you can still be reunited with your savings and the money will be transferred back to you.

An estimated 15billion pounds is sitting in old bank accounts, life assurance policies and investments, proving how easy it can be to lose track of your finances.

Name changes, for example if you get married, can also cause you to lose track of old savings accounts if they are held in your previous name.

Its also often not easy to know who is managing your account. Banks and building societies often merge, so even though you might think you have an account with one provider, it may now be held by a savings provider with an entirely different name.

In order to start the search for your savings, you will need to complete a form providing as much information as you can about the account you have lost. Facts which you should try to provide include the name of the account, where it was held, when it was opened and in which name, and the account number and sort code.

If you want to find an account on behalf of a friend or relative who has died, and left you money in their will, you can do this provided you can prove your identity and demonstrate that you are the rightful heir to the money.

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