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Vibration White Finger » Diagnosis of VWF

GPs in the UK may have little knowledge of musculoskeletal disorders and will refer you to a specialist like a rheumatologist if they suspect you have Vibration White Finger (VWF). Either your GP or a specialist will carry out a medical assessment process consisting of an examination and tests to get information about your symptoms. The results then show the severity of the condition.

Standard tests used to diagnose Vibration White Finger include:

The Vibrotactile Threshold test: to measure the sensitivity of the mechanoreceptors in the nerves of each hand to stretch, texture and vibration. Measurements are taken from each hand, in the median nerve (index finger) and the ulnar nerve (little finger)

The Thermal Aesthesiometry test: to measure the thermal receptors (for cold/heat). Readings are taken from each hand, as before.

The Purdue Pegboard test: to measure dexterity and any loss of movement in either hand.

The Grip Force measurement test: to measure the grip in both hands.

As medication can also result in Raynauds phenomenon independently of VWF, an analysis of the types of medication being used on a regular basis by the sufferer is critical. The drugs most often associated with Raynauds are beta blockers, now beta blockers are often prescribed for high blood pressure and heart problems and are also used in eye drops to fight glaucoma.

Medications that constrict blood vessels in the head are often used to treat migraine headaches. Although some physicians believe that people with Raynauds phenomenon are more susceptible to migraines, some anti-migraine medications can constrict the vessels going to the hands and make the condition worse. Read more about medications which can aggravate symptoms at http://www.medicinenet.com.

A rheumatologist makes a diagnosis of Raynauds by asking the patient to describe their symptoms and by examining the hands during an attack. An attack can be created by asking the patient to hold a glass of iced water.

Angiography (an injection of dye into the arteries) is not necessary for the evaluation of Raynauds phenomenon unless there is evidence for blockage in one of the larger blood vessels.

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