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Motorbike accidents » Defensive riding

When motorcycle accidents happen, they on average result in much more serious injury than car accidents, so we have put together some defensive riding tips that might help you avoid being one of the 33,000 injured motorcyclists on Britains roads each year.

All are based on the principles of defensive riding, the ability to be able to see the dangers that lie ahead on the road, therefore reducing the chances of being involved in a motor bike accident.


  • Drive at a speed that allows you to take in all the changing factors around you.
  • Make sure you check your mirrors regularly.
  • Carry out the lifesaver glance over your shoulder every time you perform a manoeuvre.
  • Remember that peripheral vision diminishes as speed increases so slow down when travelling through an area that has a lot of hazards.


  • Anticipate all the possible actions, as well as the most likely action, of the road users around you.
  • Expect the worst at all times so that you can respond appropriately if it happens.
  • Remember the two-second rule, it should take you two seconds to reach the point that the vehicle ahead of you is. In bad weather, it becomes the four-second rule.
  • Have an escape route planned so that if you cant stop in time, you can take the safest route out. This could take the form of taking a position slightly closer to the middle of the road when following a car, so that if the car brakes suddenly and you cannot stop, you can brake whilst travelling alongside the car.


  • Wear bright, solid coloured clothing. Wearing black might look nice, but you are less likely to be noticed if you are camouflaged against the background.
  • Be aware of when drivers cant see you. This includes when you are in someones blind spot, and when something (such as road furniture or another driver) is blocking the line of sight of your position for a road user.

Keep your lights on day and night.

If you do become involved in a motor accident that was not your fault, we can help you get compensation.

Making a motorcycle accident claim

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