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Work Accidents » Common work injuries

Clearly, some professions are more dangerous than others. For example, you are statistically more likely to have an accident at work and suffer work injuries if you are a construction worker or tree surgeon than say an administrator.

However, regardless of the type of industry you work in and the type of work you carry out on a daily basis there are certain types of personal injury that are most commonly sustained in the workplace. Some of these are outlined below:

Slips, trips and falls

Whether you work in an office, on the shop floor of a retail outlet or in a busy restaurant, trips slips and falls pose serious risk of work injury. Health and safety regulations are in place to ensure that areas where people may be walking, passing or standing are free from holes and obstructions and are not uneven or slippery. Failure to keep such areas clear may result in a work accident such a slip and fall that could cause serious personal injury.

Burns injuries

There is also a risk of burn injuries caused by accidents in the workplace. Electricians, construction workers and other professionals that work close to live currents are at serious risk of work injuries and, in a worst case scenario, fatal electrocution. Hectic kitchens also pose the risk of burn injuries for chefs, kitchen porters and waiting staff.

Back and neck injuries

Office workers, drivers and professionals that sit down for much of their working day are at risk of sustaining work injuries to their necks and backs. Poor posture, badly designed workstations and lack of motion throughout the day can cause stiff and painful back and neck injuries. Similarly, employees who stand all day could suffer musculoskeletal injuries of this kind.

Workers are advised to take regular breaks and exercise their muscles throughout the day. Employers should make sure that their employees seating gives adequate support to the lower back and footrests are provided for workers who cannot place their feet flat on the floor.

Head injuries

Although there are stringent health and safety guidelines in place stating that materials and objects need to be stored and stacked in such a way that are not likely to fall and cause personal injury, some offices are a potential hotbed for head injuries with their shelves of inadequate strength over-stacked with bulging files and stationary.

It is down to employers to check shelving installations regularly and encourage employees to report any damage in order to identify problems and take necessary action to protect their staff from sustaining work injuries.

Repetitive Strain injury

The TUC have reported that 1 one in every 50 workers suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury. Workers who repetitively use their hands and arms for much of the day such as typists, factory workers and drivers may experience symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) such as pain and numbness to the wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. Related conditions include Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis.

Vision problems

Around 75% of employees who work with computers experience problems with their vision such as headaches, eye strain and blurring. It is paramount that lighting is adequate, computer glare is minimised and regular breaks are taken to prevent employees sustaining such work injuries.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

There are some industries where the risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is elevated. For example if you drive for a living you are at more risk of being involved in a car accident. Similarly, if you work in a bank or post office there is a possibility that it could get held up by armed robbers. Both of these are potentially traumatic experiences which could lead to PTSD, characterised by sleep disturbances, nightmares, sweats and shakes.

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