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Medical negligence » Common medical errors

Margins for error will always be a worry to a patient when undergoing surgery. Although precautions are taken there are so many complex issues involved in medical procedures that mistakes are made and thousands of claims for medical negligence compensation are made in the UK alone every year. The areas most likely to lead to complaints of clinical negligence are outlined below:

General anaesthetic

In pre-op, discuss with your specialist the most appropriate course of action when it comes to anaesthesia. It may be decide that a general anaesthetic is too much of a risk and a local anaesthetic chosen instead. However, if your health is not assessed properly and you are administered a general anaesthetic that irritates an existing condition, puts too much strain on the body and worsens your health you could be in a good position to receive medical negligence compensation.


An infection may be identified by pain, swelling, redness and fever. Any suspicion of infection should be reported to your doctor or surgeon as soon as possible. Some infections originating from surgery may lead to the need for corrective surgery to be performed to remove the problem.


There is always a risk of scarring when any incisions are made into the skin. Any scars will look angry and inflamed in the first instance but where the scar tissue improves and the surrounding area heals the scar should become less noticeable with time. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise and no smoking is recommended to avoid scarring. Obviously, any scarring resulting from a clinical error such a slip with a scalpel should be eligible for medical negligence compensation.


Like with the route of anaesthetic you are to take, this should be discussed in your pre-op appointment. The success of your operation and your recovery time depends on the aftercare advice that you receive. If the advice you receive is not adequate or you are refused any medical aid post operation then again this could be perceived as medical negligence.

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