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Holiday Accidents » Common holiday accident

Fortunately, the kinds of holiday accidents that lead to devastating injuries and large individual payouts of compensation happen to very few people. Also relatively rare are cases such as the one in which more than 790 package holiday claimants came down with norovirus after a stay in a Spanish hotel, and who were paid a combined total of 2.5 million pounds in holiday illness compensation. What is increasingly common in Britain, however, is for airlines to lose and misplace customers baggage.

In fact, claims for lost luggage are now the most frequent kind made by Brits on their travel insurance. During parts of 2007 there was actually a 85% rise on the number of claims made in the previous year, surely indicating that something has only recently and very suddenly gone amiss.

Nor do these claims come cheap, with an average cost of more than 200 pounds. This does not even factor the untold stress and inconvenience caused British holidaymakers by being estranged from their personal belongings.

Perry Wilson, managing director of Insureandgo, comments on his companys experience, We have seen an enormous rise in claims for lost luggage.We can unfortunately expect more families holidays to be ruined by lost baggage.

Making a no win, no fee holiday accident claim

Although HappyClaims lawyers do not represent clients claiming compensation for lost luggage, we are specialists in helping those who have suffered personal injury during their holiday.

Those wishing to claim for lost luggage should contact their travel insurance company or local citizens advice bureau.

Whether your injury was suffered in the airport, on the aeroplane or during the holiday itself, our panel of no win, no fee lawyers is comprised of experienced specialists whose knowledge of the relevant legal issues is second to none.

To put it simply, if your personal injury is in any way partially attributable to the actions of another party, you stand a good chance of being compensated for their actions.

If you would rather speak to us now, simply call 01582 437070 so we can assess you holiday injury claim.