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Motorbike accidents » Common bike accidents

\"\\\"Many people dont ride a motorcycle because of the horror stories they hear about motorcycle accidents. While for those of a timid disposition such fears may be justified, for others the pleasure, cost and convenience of riding may be enough to get them to take to two-wheeled road life.

Riding a motorcycle requires a lot of concentration as well as fine skills and judgement. It is also essential riders have the co-operation of car drivers, a minority of who are notorious for not taking enough time to look around and see who else is on the road.

Knowing what the most common motorbike accidents are and how to avoid them makes motorcycle drivers more confident on the road. Follow the guide below to increase your road awareness and avoid the potential pitfalls of motorcycle accidents and motorcycle accident claims.

Five most common motorcycle accidents

  • Collisions at junctions
  • Collisions while overtaking
  • Losing control of the motorcycle
  • Failing to negotiate a left-hand bend on a country A road
  • Failing to negotiate a right-hand bend on a country A road

How to avoid them

Bends on roads: A lot of drivers learn to drive in cities, not in the country. But the surfaces and angles of country roads are often different and bends can look deceptively spacious surrounded by plants, when in fact they can actually be extremely tricky on account of their narrowness or uneven surface.

If a motorcyclist drives into a bend at too quickly, they may not have enough time to get out. Looking for clues about how the road is going to bend allow time to reduce speed and manage the bend carefully.

Objects to look out for include lines of trees, telegraph poles, fences and anything else delineating the bend.

Collisions at junctions often a car driver will say that they didnt see the motorcyclist. This is frequently because of car windscreen pillars blocking view of oncoming motorcyclists. Be aware of this and take caution at junctions to accommodate car drivers who dont see you and who dont make sufficient checks for motorcycle riders.

Remember, in the event of a collision with a car, a motorcycle driver and their bike will always suffer more damage. Look out for yourself when your on the road. For collisions when overtaking, take time to familiarise yourself with acceleration rates and braking, especially with a bike you are not used to.

Use your sense and avoid overtaking in trouble areas like junctions, pedestrian crossings and hills or dips with reduced visibility. Such riding will not only endanger your own safety, but may also make you liable for any resulting road traffic accident claims.

Losing control of your motorcycle, the main reasons for loss of control are road surface conditions and shunts. Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front and stop in the distance you can see that is clear.

Road surface conditions leading to loss of control include poor weather conditions, petrol spills, mud and painted road markings. Be observant, stay alert to road hazards and take extra care in poor weather and learn from safe rides where you avoided danger.

Motorcycle accident claims

Falls from a motorcycle can be sudden and happen at high velocity. Sometimes the driver is thrown from their bike, but at other times they can be crushed underneath their still-moving vehicle. The consequences can be traumatic. Falling on a concrete surface into the passage of other vehicles is extremely serious.

If a driver did not see you on the road or if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim. Our panel of no win, no fee solicitors have extensive experience of motorcycle accident claim litigation and understand the situations riders find themselves in. They have an excellent success rate in these types of cases.

So call us now on 01582 437070 and we will go through the claims process and let you know what you can do next.