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Car accidents » Closed head injuries

A closed head injury resulting from someones head striking a part of the interior of a vehicle has the potential to be one of the most serious personal injuries that can occur during a car accident.

This is generally reflected in the amounts of compensation paid out in car accident claims for such injuries.

Damage to the brain, skull or scalp and neck can impair somebodys intellectual and motor abilities and could completely paralyse a driver.

\"\\\"The most serious aspect of a closed head injury is the fact that they are often invisible and go undetected on initial inspection by ambulance staff at the scene of a road traffic accident. Without cuts or abrasions, it is often difficult to tell what, if any, head injury has occurred.

Concussion is the most immediate sign that somebody may be suffering such a personal injury. This can range from mild to serious in terms of severity and concussion resulting in a loss of consciousness and coma may not appear immediately after the initial trauma sustained in the car accident.

Bleeding and swelling can occur during a car accident when the brain is knocked violently within the skull as the head hits a moving object such as a steering wheel or the side of a vehicle.

Brain damage and a closed head injury can have physical, cognitive and psychological repercussions. The symptoms of a closed head injury can appear immediately after a car accident and gradually get worse over time.

Problems with attention and concentration, difficulty with short and long term memory functions, trouble reasoning and problem solving as well as reduced information processing may be cognitive impairments that develop after a suffering a closed head injury in a car accident.

Car accident compensation claim

Somebody who has experienced a car accident may not get off lightly with a few scratches and abrasions. Concussions, brain damage and other closed head injuries can all occur and have potentially fatal consequences.

Any car accident injury left untreated can worsen over time and result in a disability. For a non-fault accident, compensation can be claimed and medical treatment can be arranged.

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