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Motorbike accidents » Choosing the right tyres

Tyres are what keep your motorcycle on the road correctly choosing and maintaining your tyres is an important component of road safety.Tyre problems are the main cause of motorcycle accidents that are caused by technical failure.

Choosing the right tyres

Consider what you will be using your motorcycle for. If it is a short commute through town to work and back, your tyre needs are going to be very different from a motorcyclist going off road, or who regularly rides long distances.

Deeper tread does not mean more grip, because only the rubber exposed to the road gives grip. The tread is a channel for the grit and dirt from the road to be funnelled into. The legal requirement for tread depth is 1.6mm, although it is often sensible to replace them well before this, at around 2mm.

The size of the tyres that your motorcycle takes is usually written on the side wall of tyres.It is not advisable to deviate from this recommendation, as having larger tyres can actually decrease the contact area with the road and cause a motorcycle accident.

Get tyres made by the same manufacturer, front and back. You cant tell how well two tyres from different manufacturers will work together. And where uncertainty may cause danger, it is best avoided.

Maintaining your tyres

Dont push new tyres too quickly, of course you will be looking forward to trying out your new tyres, but they wont give optimum grip until they are worn in, so take it easy on the corners and try not to brake sharply for the first 100 miles.

Manufacturers rigorously test the tyres and motorcycles to find out what the optimum pressure is, so unless you are planning to use your motorcycle in extreme conditions, keep to the recommendations. If your tyre is under-inflated, the tyre will wear faster and unevenly. If your tyre is over-inflated, it may well run too cool, and increase the chance of you losing grip on the road.

Such a small thing but important, having high pressure valve caps stop dirt entering the valve core and pressure leaking.

Tyres that are ridden smoothly without constant sharp breaking and accelerating will last for thousands of miles longer than those that are pushed to the limits all the time.

Making a motorcycle accident claim

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and it was not your fault, we may be able to help you make a successful compensation claim. We are proud of our excellent claim success rate, and have helped thousands of people in the UK get compensation after a motorcycle accident.

Our personal injury solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis and we completely protect you from all costs and fees.

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