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Passenger injuries » Child car seat safety

Quite possibly the most important passengers that you have to worry about are your children. They are the last people you want harmed in a car crash for which you have to make a passenger injury claim, which is why the government makes such tenacious efforts to try and ensure that they are safe when travelling in motor vehicles.

Just as all passengers are propelled forward with the impact of a car accident an unrestrained child would be propelled with a force of 30 to 60 times their own body weight in just a 30mph crash, and the faster the car is travelling the faster the child will be propelled.

However, a seatbelt is not enough to keep a child from sustaining serious personal injury. It is designed for people of 5ft and above and this is why the legislation for child restraints has become so prominent.

In 1993 the law stated that a child should use a child seat or booster if one is fitted in a car and then in 2006, following some shocking figures that revealed that more than 8,000 children are killed or seriously injured as passengers in car accidents every year, the law was changed.

The current law pertaining to child restraints, states that children must be carried in the correct car seat until they reach 4ft 5 or 12 years of age, whichever comes first. What is more, parents face a fine of up to 500 pounds if they breach this law.

It is also of paramount importance that your childs restraint is fitted properly. According to a survey carried out by RoSPA as many as 80% are not fitted to a suitable standard, making them effectively useless. HappyClaim advise that you get your childs car seat fitted either by the manufacturer or a specialist at a local garage.

There was a lot of uproar about the cost and inconvenience of this law when it was first passed in September 2006 but it is worth bearing in mind that the law was put in place to provide extra protection for child passengers so as they dont end up with debilitating passenger injuries that have a serious negative impact upon their lives and for which compensation claims have to be made.

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