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Work Accidents » Chemical leaks at work

With many people doing dangerous jobs, employers have to be constantly on the lookout for ways they can improve health and safety in order to avoid work injuries. Otherwise, there may be the possibility of prosecution by the authorities and the cost of paying out personal injury compensation to the injured worker or their family.

The type of dangerous jobs that workers do varies enormously. However, some of the most potentially dangerous situations involve working in close proximity to chemicals. These are a major threat to employees if not handled correctly and there are tight regulations which govern the safest ways to treat chemicals.

Chemical leaks

Unfortunately, work accidents will happen, whether through negligence or utter misfortune, and chemical leaks have caused many personal injuries over the years. The fact that chemicals are used in so many areas of work means that people in many different careers are exposed in the event of a leak.

Chemical leaks hit the headlines in the UK relatively frequently, with the most recent being at the O2 complex in London. In this incident, 31 people were taken to hospital suffering from the effects of ammonia, which include itchy eyes and general discomfort. These workers were quite fortunate, as these are amongst the most minor injuries that chemicals can cause.

Sadly, not all are as lucky. An accident involving the release of hexamethlyene diamine in a Teesside chemical plant at the beginning of 2007 saw workers suffer serious burns, breathing difficulties and skin irritation. In all, 37 people were injured and may be looking to make work injury compensation claims.

A third incident saw 50 workers treated in hospital for the effects of titanium tetrachloride, a chemical which forms hydrogen chlorine when it comes into contact with air. It got into the ventilation system of a heat treatment factory in Tamworth, leading to employees displaying symptoms such as nausea, coughing and tightness of the chest.

Claiming compensation after a work injury

If your employer has failed to protect your health and safety and you have suffered a work injury, you may well be eligible to make a compensation claim.

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