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Birth injury » Cephalohaematoma

Certain conditions that a baby may present on his or her entrance into the world may give parents worries without actually being a birth injury that should be cause for alarm. One such is cephalohaematoma.

Cephalohaematoma is a condition where blood accumulates in the bones of the head - which is precisely what the Greek words that make up the term indicate. More specifically, it is the pooling of blood between one of the skull bones and the fibrous layer that covers it, sometimes as a result of minor injury in the birth process.

Although the condition may appear to worsen over the first few days of life, it is in most cases harmless and will vanish by itself over weeks or months. It is also believed to be painless to the baby. It should, however, be noted and monitored; failure to do so may become evidence in a birth accident claim if there is more than first appears to the injury.

Complications that may arise include jaundice or the infection of the blood pool. Attempts to drain the blood from the cephalohaematoma run the risk of introducing infections, and carry little benefit over allowing the pool to dissipate naturally.

However, conditions such as caput succedaneum and leptomeningeal cysts, discussed elsewhere on the HappyClaim site, may be misdiagnosed as cephalohaematoma. Obstetricians should be expected to modify their diagnoses should cephalohaematoma prove less likely as time goes on.

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It goes without saying, of course, that it is preferable for a newborn to suffer minor injury at birth than a serious birth accident, and better yet that no injury is suffered at all. But for those cases where there is, sadly, a reason to pursue compensation as a result of substandard medical care, the legal services provided by HappyClaim are all but unrivalled.

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