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Whiplash » Causes of whiplash

Whiplash occurs when there is a sudden jerk or jolt to your head that causes it to move violently away from your body. The force of the movement makes your neck move beyond its normal range of movement, so that the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your neck are overstretched.

Motor vehicle accidents

Car and motorcycle accidents are a common cause of whiplash because they often involve a sudden stopping force or a collision that makes your head move violently away from your body.

As whiplash can occur when your head is thrown forwards, backwards or sideways, the condition can develop following collisions from the front, back or side. Collisions that occur at low speed can also cause whiplash.

Other causes

As well as road accidents causing whiplash, it can also occur from:

  • a sudden blow to the head - for example, during contact sports such as boxing or rugby
  • a slip or fall where the head is suddenly and violently jolted backwards
  • being struck on the head by a heavy or solid object

Whiplash injuries in children can sometimes be a sign of child abuse. If a child is shaken violently, it can cause their head to jolt backwards, forwards and sideways, resulting in sprained ligaments and tendons in their neck.

Ligaments - Ligaments are made of fibrous tissue. They connect bone to bone, providing support while allowing flexibility and movement.
Tendon - A tendon is a tough cord of tissue that connects muscle to bone.

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