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Vibration White Finger » Causes of VWF

Vibration White Finger is a disease that affects the fingers, causing them to go white and numb. It is caused by over-exposure to vibration, and is almost always an industrial disease, as this amount of vibration is rarely found elsewhere.

Continuous use of vibrating hand machinery is the primary cause of Vibration White Finger. While the mildest cases have been known to heal themselves if a sufferer does not return to working with vibrations, this is not frequent. The condition is otherwise permanent.

The most serious cases are eligible for Industrial Injury Disability Benefit, and as Vibration White Finger is classed as an industrial disease, any sufferer has a good chance of making a no win, no fee compensation claim.

In the UK, nearly 800,000 people are estimated to have symptoms of VWF, including 20,000 in an advanced state of disability. If you are a worker using vibratory tools and equipment and you believe you have Vibration White Finger, it may be useful for you to know about health and safety rules relating to the condition.

Factors that worsen Vibration White Finger

The prime factors that aggravate the disease are poor blood circulation to the bodys extremities and reduced temperatures. This means that sufferers are encouraged to keep warm and keep their blood flowing through exercise.


Some forms of primary Raynauds disease appear to have no trigger at all, and the disease can also be genetically inherited. However, in these cases, the attacks are usually mild. Smoking and stress are thought to be contributory factors and the disease has also been linked to depression and a reaction to beta blocker drugs.

Anybody of any age can suffer from Raynauds, which declines in severity after the menopause. A change in temperature, rather than exposure to the cold, can also precipitate an attack. Although worse in winter, this means an attack can also occur in summer. Prolonged exposure to the cold is a major trigger for the disease. Stress or anxiety can also provoke an attack.

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