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Holiday Accidents » Caravan accident abroad

Caravanning is a popular form of holiday-making within the UK; indeed, figures in 2007 showed it to be the most popular form of paid-for vacation in the country. As a result of these statistics, it is to be expected that caravans will feature in a number of holiday accident cases too.

There are various stages at which a caravan-related personal injury can occur. A touring caravan can be a factor in a car crash, meaning that injury occurs before a holiday has properly begun. This can be particularly serious if people have been allowed to ride in the moving caravan, which is illegal in the UK, and certainly inadvisable in countries where the practice is not explicitly forbidden. This may also invalidate your caravan insurance

There is also the process of hitching and unhitching the caravan, which can lead to personal injury if not done properly. For a compensation claim to succeed in this case, a sufferer is likely to have to demonstrate fault in either the manufacturer of the hitching mechanism or in the training he or she received.

Care must also be taken with the gas and electric supply. The risks associated with these are well known, and any injury that results from inappropriate use by the holiday-maker may struggle to succeed under personal injury law. Faulty valves or switches, however, may throw liability on to the manufacturers.

If the holiday is in a hired caravan, then it is important to consider the liability of the owner if he or she has been negligent toward the safety of those who stay in the caravan, as in other hired accommodation cases.

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If you have been injured on holiday, whether in a caravan or elsewhere, and you are considering a compensation claim as a result, talk to HappyClaim. Our panel of expert personal injury solicitors includes specialists in holiday injury law, who will be able to advise you on the chances of success in your case, and to represent you should you choose to proceed.

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