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Car accidents » Car accidents and MOT

According to the RAC, one in four used cars have potentially dangerous or illegal faults and almost half would fail an MOT making them at high risk of causing a car accident. Used cars in particular are most likely to be dangerous and present a threat to drivers as they are sometimes sold to dealerships when the current driver notices a possible fault, but doesnt tell the dealership.

Second-hand cars whose engines fail and cause a car accident are extremely common. At least 20 % of cars have at least one dangerous fault. Around 43 % of inspected vehicles would fail an MOT test. Some dealerships and garages also fail to observe or fix vehicle faults and hazards, allowing new owners to drive off the lot with a vehicle which may be about to break down.

\"\\\"Many MOTs can be extremely expensive and it is not unknown for some garages to seize the opportunity to charge their customers for additional items or to hike up the prices of items they must replace in order to pass the MOT. With second-hand cars in particular, a necessary MOT can be extremely expensive and sometimes exceeds the value of the car itself.

There is a way that drivers can protect themselves from faulty vehicles and take steps to avoid problem cars, check cars thoroughly before they buy them and to avoid expensive MOTs. If your priority is to keep yourself safe on the road and to avoid car accidents with potentially costly personal injury compensation claims without breaking the bank, here are some things you can do yourself before your local garage charges you double to do the same job.

Make sure you carry out a vehicle inspection check when you buy a second-hand car, even if the dealership you are buying the car from have already carried out their own tests. The AA and the RAC both offer very reasonably-priced tests. It is worth the additional expense to save yourself the time and trouble of sorting out a car that you buy with an undetected fault.

Make sure you see a V5 registration document for the vehicle and that all the details match. Check the log book carefully to see exactly what mechanical overhauls it has had in the past. An engine that has been replaced recently may not be a bad thing - at least you know it is unlikely to happen again soon.

Dont be pushed into a sale, especially a bargain deal that looks suspiciously cheap. It may be cheap for a reason, and be about to fail mechanically in some way. Ask around locally about the reputation of particular dealerships and head towards the one that people in town know about and have a good opinion of.

Before you take your car for an MOT test, check all parts of the car that it could possibly fail on (including the seatbelt, lights, windscreen wipers and so on). Many of these items can be replaced and it is often cheaper to replace them yourself than to let the garage that who is carrying out the MOT do it.

Taking the above steps will help you reduce the risk of being the subject of a no win, no fee car accident compensation claim.

Making a car accident compensation claim

Car accidents can be expensive - not just because your car has been damaged, but if you have personal injuries you may also have to pay for treatment of those injuries.

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