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Motorbike accidents » Buying a motorcycle

So, your in the market for a motorcycle. Unless your after a classic model, you probably like to buy a brand new bike. Sadly they come at a price. Whilst we may dream of owning a brand new, Honda Hornet, ZX or Fireblade, for the majority of us, our budget determines the type and model of bike we would buy. If your buying used, you can still pick yourself up a great bike and you can certainly feel smug that you havent taken a 15% hit on the value of it as soon as you drive it away.

Once you got your shortlist there are still a few pitfalls ahead. Here is our short guide to buying a motorcycle, which we hope will help you find a reliable bike at a competitive price.


The best time to buy a motorcycle is in the winter. A lot of people know this though, so you may have to move quickly to get yourself a bargain. If you dont want your motorbike to be sitting in the garage waiting for the summer to come round again, start looking in April and May, but avoid the peak months of June-August, when prices are always higher.


If you got your heart set on a particular make or model, find out what the running costs are likely to be. Check the prices of parts and ensure that if its a rare bike, parts are readily available for it. Phone round for some insurance quotes too, if your young or an inexperienced rider, premiums may be prohibitive.

Shop around

There are hundreds of dealers and thousands of bikes. Pick up MSN and Biketrader at your local news agent, or log on at www.biketrader.co.uk, www.motorcyclenews.com. You can save hundreds of pounds by putting in a little leg work. You may even find a bargain in your local newspaper or Friday Ad.

More and more people are buying and selling motorcycles on Ebay (www.ebay.co.uk). You may pick up a bargain, but its easy to get carried away with bidding fever, so decide on a maximum price in your mind and dont pay a penny over it. Make sure you contact the seller and arrange a test ride before you put in a bid. Once you place your bid you are legally bound to complete the purchase. Act sensibly to avoid disappointment.

Test ride

Make sure you take a test ride, even if your familiar with the model. Dont settle for a quick once round the block either. Its important you get to ride both in traffic and on open roads. Take it out for at least 20 minutes so you can see how comfortable it is on longer runs.


Unless your after a particularly rare breed, dont be afraid to haggle. Phone round a few dealers and tell them the best price you been quoted and ask if they can beat it.


Make sure you view the motorbike in clear daylight on a dry day, so you can clearly see any defects. Take a friend with you who can help you see things impartially. Always arrange to see the biker at the sellers house, even if they offer to meet you somewhere or bring the bike to you. Check the logbook details match the person who is selling the bike. Obtain as much information about the motorcycles history as possible, including previous MOT certificates, receipts for repairs and any warranties. Be on the look out for anomalies with the bikes history and what the seller is telling you.

Verify the motorcycles condition and history

Check with motorcycles history with HPI (www.hpicheck.com) and get a mechanic to check the motorcycle over for you. Dont hand over any money until you are totally satisfied with the history and condition of the bike.

Walk away

If you have any doubts at all about the motorcycle, walk away. There are plenty of other motorbikes out there and you dont want to end up with a stolen, clocked or written-off bike. After all, it is unlikely you have time to help police with their enquiries.

Motorcycle accidents

Once your search is finally over and you have proudly taken ownership of your new motorcycle, the last thing you be thinking about is having an accident. But as one of the most vulnerable of road users, statistically you are likely to have at least one crash or mishap in the first few years of riding.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another person, there is a lot we can do to help you, including providing you with a temporary replacement motorcycle, arranging repairs and helping claim for damage to your possessions. If you are hurt we can also help you make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Our service is totally cost-free and without risk. For free and impartial legal advice following a motorcycle accident, call us now on 01582 437070 or complete our online claim form and one of our advisors will call you back for a friendly chat about your personal injury compensation claim.