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Passenger injuries » Bus accidents and bus lane

Bus lanes never seem to be far from controversy. Whether it is motorists finding themselves unwittingly caught on CCTV accidentally passing through one, or cowboy commuters chancing their way through a bus lane in a desperate rush to reach work on time. Then, of course, there is the issue of bus accidents and bus accident compensation claims arising from incidents involving bus lanes, such as the Greater Manchester woman who was knocked down and killed on one while using a crossing point in 2007.

Most recently, controversies have centred around the issue of whether motorcyclists should be able to join pedal cyclists in using bus lanes. It is London, the city with busiest roads in the UK, where the issue has been particularly prominent.

While there is a strong body of evidence suggesting that such a move would reduce the number of road accident deaths and road accident compensation claims in general, there are also concerns that it would increase the number of bus accidents and, inevitably, the number of bus accident compensation claims.

While any initiative that reduces road traffic accident rates in general would normally be welcomed unanimously, the issue is much more complex, and goes to the heart of many sensitive and highly politicised road safety issues.

As the least polluting and potentially dangerous of road users, cyclists feel that they are entitled to have the moral high ground on the issue and fear that any move by London Mayor Boris Johnson to force them to share bus lanes with motorcyclists will further their vulnerability on city roads.

Koy Thomson, chief executive of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) comments, While we would support measures to make motorcycling safer, such as a 20mph speed limit, there is no clear environmental, safety or congestion reason for allowing motorcycles into bus lanes.

However, motorcyclists feel very differently about the issue, with 92% of motorcycling members from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) surveyed believing that two-wheeled motorists should have access to bus lanes.

Dave Shenton, IAM motorcycling manager comments, his survey confirms motorcyclists are becoming increasingly concerned for their safety now that urban roads are busier than ever.

We would like to see more of an open minded approach towards allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes more widely. It makes little sense for motorcyclists to filter within inches of stationary vehicles when an empty piece of tarmac, only a few feet away, leaves them more visible, separated from cars and causing less anxiety to everyone. If the main road leaves motorcyclists and other road users in a more vulnerable position, it makes sense to let them utilise bus lanes.

More information about the issues involved can be found from the Institute for Advanced Motorists website.

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