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Work Accidents » Burn injuries at work

Each year many thousands of people sustain personal injuries through an accident at work, despite the tightening of UK health and safety regulations. Research from AXA Insurance reveals that as many as one in ten workers have suffered an injury at work in the past five years; this equates to around 2.9 million people.

Whilst the most common type of accident at work is a slip, trip or fall, 21% of the workplace injuries investigated by AXA Insurance were found to be burns. The research does not reveal the severity of these burns, but it can be assumed that they range from minor scalds to life-changing burn injuries and even death.

Types of burn injuries

When you think of a burn injury, you probably think of those caused by hot water or hot oil. Indeed, heat is probably the most common cause of burns and may affect people in a number of industries. Those most vulnerable to workplace burns caused by heat include chefs and other kitchen staff, who have to handle very hot liquids in the course of their day-to-day work, often with little protection.

However, heat is certainly not the only cause of burn injuries. Electricity is another common cause of burn injuries that result from an accident at work. Research from Bulgaria has shown that the highest number of burn casualties work in the electric industry, and that this group had one of the greatest rates of mortality amongst all burn sufferers (7%).

Chemical compounds are also a cause of burn injuries in accidents at work, although a much less common due to the fact that fewer people handle dangerous chemicals than work with heat or electricity. However, the effects of chemical burn injuries can be just as devastating as with other types of burns. Those who work in mining and medicine may be at a higher risk than most of suffering chemical burns, along with laboratory workers.

Claiming compensation for an accident at work

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