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Car accidents » Bull bars and car accidents

Motoring organisations say that people who have been involved in car accidents should sue drivers of vehicles fitted with illegal bull bars that have caused damage and personal injuries. They say the number of pedestrian deaths and driver injuries is increased by vehicles that have bull bars.

Ninety % of available bull bars are actually illegal. Solicitors who give car accident advice have for many years been calling for a change in the law. There are now plans to ban the use of bull bars on four wheel drive cars completely. The Government wants to bring in measures which would make metal bars illegal within three years.

The main hazard of bull bars: people slip underneath instead of over a car

The main hazard with bull bars is that when a normal passenger hits an adult pedestrian, the person is not run over but under, sliding over the car bonnet and the windscreen. When a pedestrian is hit, the body is punched away from them, then under the car.

The force of a collision is focused on the area of the bull bar, meaning that a relatively minor car accident can have disastrous consequences.

German research shows that 95% of children would be expected to survive the impact of a car accident at about 20 miles per hour. A car fitted with bull bars would inflict life-threatening personal injuries on all children it if were travelling at 12 miles an hour, and they would possibly die at 10 miles an hour.

European Transport Research

The British Governments Transport Research Laboratory found that there were 40 additional serious personal injuries and at least two deaths attributable to bull bars in the UK in 1994.

Accusations that drivers are thinking of their own safety first and not of other drivers and pedestrians continue.

Tests run by the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) now routinely include studies of the impact of cars with bull bars. New safety regulations may require pedestrian-friendlier car design in the near future. Front bumpers that crumple are one safety feature being suggested.

Car accident compensation

Every two minutes, somebody is involved in a car accident in the UK. While some injuries are minor, others can be extremely serious and fatalities often occur.

The sad truth is that many accidents could be avoided with better driver behaviour and more road vigilance. If some drivers took better care and had more respect for other road users, many car crashes would never happen at all.

If you have suffered personal injuries and your health has been affected by a car accident that was not your fault, you may be able to make a compensation claim. We can give you free legal advice and will listen sympathetically to your concerns while explaining how our no win, no fee claims process works.

Our panel of experienced and expert personal injury solicitors deal with road traffic accident claims every day and have an excellent success rate.

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