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Car accidents » Blind spots

All too often road traffic accidents can occur through poor visibility, which can sometimes be caused by blind spots. A number of car accident compensation claims are made every year by people involved in vehicle accidents that have been caused by a motorist failing to see an approaching vehicle in their side-mirror. Here at HappyClaim we receive many such no win, no fee claims.

Such claims for car accident compensation can be easily prevented through a number of options that are now readily available on the market. Solutions to combat the issue of a drivers blind spot could see a positive development in the amount of people needing to contact personal injury solicitors to make no win no, fee claims for serious car accident injuries.

So, what exactly is available if you are concerned about the risk of having to claim car accident compensation for an unfortunate incident? At the present time, Volvo are developing a new blind spot system to introduce to some of their latest models, Ford are currently researching a vehicle detection system and a number of shops such as www.halfords.com offer stick on blind spot mirrors.

Volvos Blind Spot Information System

According to the latest online technology magazines, Volvos active safety research continues to impress, especially with its new Blind Spot Information System, which could reduce the number of motor accidents and subsequent car accident compensation claims in the future.

The BLIS can recognise vehicles traveling in the drivers blind spot by using a digital camera installed on each of the door mirrors. The cameras are able to take 25 images per second and can detect when a vehicle is traveling within the BLIS zone; a yellow warning light will then flash on the appropriate side-mirror to warn the driver.

The BLIS has been offered on several of Volvos models including the XC70 wagon, S60 sedan and V70 wagon in Australia and is expected to be available on the Volvo range in the UK sometime this year, with the potential of reducing a large number of car accident claims.

Ford patent new blind spot device

Ford is currently devising a new piece of technology that could in the future limit the number of vehicle accidents that take place and reduce subsequent car accident compensation claims.

The car manufacturer has been awarded a patent for a detecting device that will be able to warn drivers if there is an approaching vehicle in their blind spot. The device will be able to detect subtle disruptions in the earths magnetic field and sense a vehicle moving through this field. An audio warning will then sound and the driver will refrain from changing lanes or pulling out into traffic, thus limiting the risk of a car accident injury.

Stick on mirrors

Despite such advanced technological equipment being designed for blind spots, a great number of motorists favour the more simplistic approach of using stick-on mirrors. Blind spot mirrors can just as easily prevent a car accident compensation claim from needing to be made as their convex lens shows drivers when a vehicle is approaching alongside them.

How to make a car accident claim

If you or somebody you know has suffered serious personal injuries in a road traffic accident that wasnt your fault, you could be eligible to make a no win, no fee car accident claim.

Here at HappyClaim, we receive telephone calls from a number of people who have suffered car accident injuries and would like to make a claim against the driver of the other vehicle involved in their accident.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with car accident compensation claims and, with an excellent success rate, work hard to secure our customers the injury compensation they deserve.

Making a claim with HappyClaim could not be simpler and there are a number of ways that you can contact us. You can complete an online assessment form by giving us a brief description of your personal injury and with this information one of our friendly claims advisors will call you back and discuss making a car accident compensation claim.

To make a totally cost-free claim today, call HappyClaim on 01582 437070.