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Birth injury » Birth injury fractures

Amongst the various birth personal injuries that a baby can suffer from if medical staff do not carry out a delivery properly are fractures. These can include collarbone (clavicle), rib and skull fractures.

Collarbone fractures

Fracture of the collarbone is the most common birth injury fracture that can take place when a baby is born. The collarbone can easily break if delivering a babys shoulder becomes difficult or during a breech delivery.

A baby who has a fractured collarbone often cant move their arm because of the break. The neck is also affected, which then has implications for this important part of the body.

Although bones that are broken heal quickly, as new bones form, the baby will not be able to move properly immediately after the birth accident and further pressure applied to this part of their body will affect repair.

Using a splint or some other form or restrictive support bandage is therefore necessary to protect the babys neck and arm and to prevent further damage. Lying on the injured side must be avoided.

Rib fractures

Pain control is a necessary treatment for a rib fracture but it occurs rarely because of delivery problems and sometimes points to child abuse in an older child. Reports of rib fractures attributed to birth injuries are uncommon.

A newborn baby may suffer a rib birth injury if they have a condition like osteogenesis imperfecta - a disorder in which children have fragile bones that are easily broken.

Skull fractures

A skull fracture is a break in the bone that surrounds the brain. Sometimes the edges of the broken skull bones cut into the brain and cause bleeding or another type of personal injury.

Bleeding in the brain which collects and clots, forming a bump known as haematoma may not be immediately obvious for a day or a couple of weeks. A baby vomiting is one of the signs of brain bleeding and a newborn baby who has a skull fracture must stay in hospital to be watched and monitored.

Birth injury compensation

It can be a parents worst nightmare when their baby is born with a birth injury. If their cognitive abilities or mobility is affected it can shatter a parents hopes for their childs future development. Then there is the cost of continuing medical treatment and bills.

Many parents are not satisfied that medical staff attending a birth acted with due diligence and did not satisfy their duty of care to the newborn baby. For birth injuries which take place as a result of medical negligence, parents are entitled to make a medical negligence compensation claim on behalf of their child.

Thats where HappyClaim can help. We can give you free legal advice and explain how the no win, no fee accident claims process works in language you can understand without legal jargon. If you are entitled to make a claim, you will benefit from our excellent success rate. 

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