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HappyClaim, the medical negligence compensation claim experts, deal with many successful birth injury claims. We are associated with a panel of some of the finest personal injury solicitors in the UK and between us we have helped many injured patients and their families to walk away with the compensation that they deserve.

Here is a brief look at the ranges of compensation amounts that you can expect for some of the most common birth injuries:

Brachial plexus injury

The brachial plexus is located just above the shoulder on the right and left sides of the neck. The brachial plexus injury is a personal injury which affects the nerves that control the muscles in the arm and the hand. Compensation amounts depend on the severity of the personal injury and the disability it causes:

Permanent damage to the brachial plexus - 36,000 to 71,500 pounds

A neck injury involving damage to the brachial plexus - 10,500 to 26,500 pounds

Dislocation to the shoulder and damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus causing pain to the shoulder and neck, aching to the elbow, sensory symptoms in the forearm and hand and a reduced grip - 6,750 to 10,500 pounds.

Erbs palsy

This is a type of brachial plexus injury characterised by a limp, paralysed arm and lack of muscle control in the arm and shoulders.

A successful personal injury compensation claim for Erbs palsy could reach in the region of 125,000 pounds.

Cerebral palsy

This particular birth injury is a group of persistent conditions which affect body movement and muscle coordination. This is caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain and can occur during foetal development or during the various stages of child birth. Asphyxiation is another common cause of cerebral palsy.

High profile cases resulting frorm medical negligence have reached settlements of several million pounds. These are of course the most severe instances and thankfully fairly rare.

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We know that birth injuries can be debilitating and have a great impact on your life and we want to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

HappyClaim have an excellent success rate and we are sure that we can help you make a personal injury compensation claim if you or a member of your family has been affected by a birth injury.

We can help you to win compensation for pain, suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses and the cost of ongoing care.

Our association with a panel of highly adept personal injury solicitors means that you will receive excellent representation and free legal advice on a no win, no fee basis.

Make a no win, no fee claim for compensation today. Just fill out an online claim form with details of your birth injury or give us a call on 01582 437070 for further assistance and advice.