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Vibration White Finger » Bike riders and VWF

While vibration white finger (VWF) is usually considered an industrial disease related to the construction industry, it can occur under other circumstances. One potential source of the vibration that can cause this circulatory condition is riding a motorcycle intensively.

Motorbike groups have long discussed the possibility of road vibrations affecting a riders hands as they grip the handlebars. As with any other HAVS-related condition, this would need to occur over a long period to be a likely source of the disease.

If a biker is diagnosed with VWF as a result of a level of riding that is related to a riders job, it may be possible to make a compensation claim against an employer who has not made an attempt to minimise the chances of contracting the condition in this manner.

Another possibility, however, is that the motorcycle is merely making an existing condition worse, whether vibration white finger or a genetic form of Raynauds Disease.

Advice from motorcycling groups about handling circulatory problems on a bike includes:

  • Ensuring gloves are inside jacket cuffs - this will prevent rain from getting inside;
  • Muffs or lobster-claw style gloves - as the fingers are kept together, they are able to keep each other warmer than if separated;
  • Bike adjustments - changing the torque or fitting a cruise-control system can reduce the exposure to vibration by reducing the need for a rider to grip firmly;
  • Dampers in the handlebars - this should reduce the transmission of vibration.

Making a vibration white finger claim

If you have been diagnosed with vibration white finger, and contracted this through no fault of your own, you may be able to make a compensation claim for the condition.

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