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Work Accidents » Baggage handler work accidents

One of the industries in which work accidents have been identified as a notable risk is baggage handling within airports.

Even with modernised systems, including barcodes and conveyor belts, the job is still one that is physical and strenuous, and this may lead to industrial injury. 21st-century research showed that musculo-skeletal disorders were common among workers in the baggage handling department, with 73 percent of those studied having experienced trouble with their lower back, 51 percent with their knees and 43 percent with their shoulders.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health says, MSDs account for approximately 50 per cent of all injuries at UK airports, so there clearly is a big problem. This new research has helped identify some possible solutions which could help to reduce what is a major problem for airport workers, and, in particular, baggage handlers.

Overseas investigators looked into thiis issue and labelled that the UK limit on the weight of a single bag should be - 32 kg - has had a positive effect on reducing such work injury cases, and therefore work injury claims.

Other ways of minimising the risk of personal injury include ergonomic planning and training - something as simple as ensuring the trolleys are at a 45-degree angle to the conveyor belt can reduce the amount of torso-twisting that a handler must perform.

A corollary to this, of course, is that failure to train personnel in appropriate lifting techniques or to supply appropriate equipment may open an employer to a compensation claim if a work injury ensues.

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