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Work Accidents » Army injury

It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that their staff are safe whilst at work. It is a duty of care which demands that proper supervision and training should be provided at all times. An employee has the right to have a safe environment in which to work and to be supplied with suitable and properly maintained equipment. As an employer, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is no exception to this rule and has an obligation to ensure operational conditions are not dangerous or hazardous to work in. If the injury is sustained through military combat then the MOD cannot be found to be negligent but if an army injury is sustained at any other time then compensation can be sought.

Military personnel are at risk from injury for much of the time, danger is intrinsic to their jobs. They often work under hazardous conditions such as mountaineering, dealing with weapons or in aviation roles. If the employer has not carried out proper risk assessments then army injuries can happen.

It is vital that you use a solicitor who is fully experienced in army accident compensation and who understands the complexities of military claims. At HappyClaim our solicitors are highly qualified to deal with military issues and will gather all the necessary evidence for the case.

Criminal Injuries Compensation (overseas) Scheme

If you have been a victim of crime whilst posted overseas you are entitled to receive compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. This has been set up so that victims of violent crimes overseas can claim compensation in the same way as they would at home.

Time limit for military compensation claims

As with all personal injury claims there is a 3 year time limit in which a claim for compensation can be made. This time limit is effective from the day the injury was sustained or became apparent. If the MOD is found to have been negligent then you can claim compensation no matter what country the army accident took place in. If the injured party is suffering from mental illness and cannot deal with their own legal matters then the 3 year rule may not apply. .

How HappyClaim can help you to make an army injury claim

At HappyClaim we understand that military injuries can cause terrible trauma to everyone involved. This is especially true as the majority of claims are made by 18 to 30 year olds who are unable to continue their military careers. Our solicitors will give you legal advice whenever you need it and will help you rebuild your future by obtaining the best compensation.

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