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Vibration White Finger » Anti vibration regulations

The anti-vibration regulations introduced across the EU to protect workers against the effect of vibratory tools could have serious consequences for employers. With the aim of reducing the impact of vibration and conditions like Vibration White Finger, the Control of Vibration at Work regulations could see employers facing substantial fines of up to 20,000 or a two-year jail term if they fail to comply with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards.

If a company or employer does not comply, they will be issued with a Notice to Comply that must be dealt with within 21 days of receipt. If they still do not comply, they will face prohibition or prosecution.

The construction industry, which has by far the largest cases of Vibration White Finger injuries, is particularly worried. Excessive claims could cut heavily into their production or manufacturing budget and have a considerable effect on profit.

At the same time, production and manufacturing processes continue to produce excessive amounts of vibration that employees are exposed to and many employers continue to cut corners to reduce vibratory risk.

The average figure for damages awarded for a Vibration White Finger compensation claim is around 7,000 pounds.

Employers may be forced to take out liability insurance for all their employees to protect them against the cost of a Vibration White Finger personal injury claim.

Vibration White Finger compensation

Workers in any industry who are routinely exposed to excessive amounts of vibration are at risk of developing Vibration White Finger. This condition can be extremely disabling and completely prevent somebody from working, earning money and maintaining a normal routine at home as well as at work. Even simple things like tying shoe laces or picking up small objects may become difficult if fingers are weak and damaged.

If an employer has not taken adequate steps to protect their employees and they have developed Vibration White Finger as a result, they may be liable. If you have the symptoms of Vibration White Finger, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for your industrial injury.

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