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Car accidents » Airbag injury claims

Worldwide, between 1997 and 2010, more than 5,000,000 vehicles were recalled because of problems with faults, defects and inadvertent or non-deployment of airbags; naturally, over this a time a number of these problems have resulted in the making of an airbag injury claim.

Most of the major vehicle manufacturers, such as Toyota, Honda, Ford and General Motors, have had to enforce recalls, with the prospect of consumer injuries, airbag injury claims and consequent financial losses usually the chief motivators.

A non-inflating airbag is sometimes behind such recalls. Obviously, in the event an airbag fails to inflate it is not fulfilling its purpose and may result in significant personal injury, whether to the head, brain or neck.

Airbags spontaneously inflating is another problem. In such a scenario, a car accident may be caused for which the manufacturer could be considered liable for the payment of no win, no fee compensation.

Furthermore, a faulty airbag may engage without warning in the event that it is exposed to some form of unexpected event, such as the spilling of a drink; again, the manufacturer is likely to be considered liable in this circumstance.

Other worries have arisen concerning the safety of airbags; not least their association in some studies with hearing loss and tinnitus.

For example, it was reported in the British Medical Journal that even low speed collisions can result in airbags being inflated and producing noise of around 170 decibels, which, as well as inducing permanent damage, is almost equivalent to the level of noise produced by a space rocket launch.

Airbags have also been associated with causing serious injuries in children. For example, an airbag injury claim was made against a major car manufacturer after a child had its neck broken by an inflating airbag.

HappyClaims product liability spokesperson comments, Although airbags have saved countless lives, there are also instances where, through defect or manufacturer negligence, they cause injuries or, in the worst case, death.

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