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Work Accidents » Agricultural accidents

Fatalities in the UK agricultural industry are still the highest compared to any other sector, based on figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In 2005, 45 people died in work-related accidents on agricultural premises, including six children.

Most concern has been expressed about the children who died - the highest number of recorded child deaths in agriculture in the last eight years.

Moving vehicles cause the most accidents

The highest number of fatal work accidents were caused by transport-related incidents, including agricultural vehicles overturning and being struck by a moving vehicle (36 %). Falling from height (13 %), livestock-related incidents (13 %), contact with moving machinery (11 %) and being hit by a moving object (9 %) were the other major causes.

Farming has long been considered a precarious activity and a lot of machinery can be extremely dangerous. Workplace transport, chemicals, livestock and environmental factors like bad weather, noise and dust all contribute to a high work accident rate.

Industrial accidents in the agricultural industry cost 290 million in 2005, many of which could have been avoided if EU health and safety standards were properly adhered to.

HSE and agricultural policy

Current Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approaches to agriculture include improving levels of management competency, using the influence of organisations like the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), recognising forestry and arboricultural work and responding to the use of casual labour.

Agricultural industrial accident claims

Falling from height or getting crushed by a heavy agricultural vehicle can cause some of the most serious personal injuries, including severed arms and legs, broken bones and head trauma.

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