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Passenger injuries » Aeroplane and ferry

Along with lost luggage, delayed flights and grotty hotels, sustaining passenger injuries while travelling is up there with the worst holiday scenarios. Although many of us in the UK use public transport on a daily basis in order to travel to places of work, education and leisure, we also rely heavily on passenger vehicles when we go on holiday.

We may venture to sunnier climes via aeroplane, ferry or a combination of the two and then travel around on coaches as part of organised trips or take a taxi to transfer us from the airport or ferry port to our chosen hotel. So, there isnt any wonder why HappyClaim help thousands of people every year to claim for passenger injuries that were sustained in holiday accidents.

Aeroplane passenger injuries

There is a lot of scare-mongering concerning the safety of flying although it is actually one of the safest ways to travel. According to the Aviation Safety Network there were eight domestic scheduled passenger flight accidents and just 250 casualties in the US during 2005 which is a huge contrast to the thousands that suffer personal injuries in road accidents every year.

Although it is highly likely that passenger injuries will be sustained during a plane crash, advances in science and technology mean that 90% of crashes will now have survivors. In fact, there is an 11,000,000/1 chance of dying in a plane crash and plane crashes worldwide claim the lives of just 1,300 people every year. Whats more, there is a greater chance, 10,000,000/1, of being killed when struck by lightning.

It is impossible to say whether any particular airlines are any safer or any more hazardous than their competitors as there are too few aircraft accidents on which to base accurate statistics. Also, some flights operate in more mountainous, stormy areas than others and are therefore more prone to crashes and any airline could be subject to a terrorist attack. However, there are of course comprehensive meteorology checks carried out and strict security measures in place to reduce the chances of flying under such conditions.

In order to avoid sustaining passenger injuries while flying it is vital to always pay attention to safety information provided by the crew and always keep your seatbelt fastened when seated as Clear Air Turbulence can occur suddenly and cause serious personal injuries.

Ferry passenger injuries

While aeroplanes are all very well for travelling across continents quickly, some prefer the more leisurely pace of travelling by passenger ferry. However, when within the confines of a ship there are plenty of opportunities to sustain passenger injuries, a part of your luxury holiday that wasnt on your itinerary.

The majority of passenger injuries result from slips and falls onboard. In most cases a fall results from a passenger losing their balance as they are not used to the motion of the vessel. But there are instances when decks, gangways, stairways and handrails are not made adequately slip proof, changes in deck level are not clearly indicated, and lighting is poor, which may cause passengers to trip or fall and sustain serious personal injuries.

Passengers may also have difficulties when embarking and disembarking between the gangway and the shore and it is very important that plenty of crew members are on hand to help when necessary in order to avoid the prospect of passenger injuries occurring.

The crew of any passenger vessel should be provided with high safety standards to adhere to in order to ensure a risk-free and pleasurable journey for their passengers.

Can we make a compensation claim?

If safety standards and safety inspections are not maintained this is usually regarded as an act of negligence by crew members. Those that suffer passenger injuries as a result of negligent care by crew members are quite entitled to pursue personal injury compensation from the company that they were travelling with.

You should not be afraid of taking on a big passenger ferry company or airline, they are obliged to provide a duty of care to you and if they fail to do so you are entitled to make a claim against them with the help of some of the UKs most adept and experienced personal injury solicitors.

At the time of your accident you should try to ensure that your passenger injuries are recorded in the ferry or aircrafts accident log book. You should also obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses to your accident to help with the process of your compensation claim.

Making a compensation claim today

If you would like to pursue a compensation claim for a passenger injury that wasnt your fault or was only partly your fault then we are here to help.

We can help you to claim for pain, suffering, distress, lost earnings, damaged or lost possessions and even arrange specialist medical care in your area.

To make a no win no fee claim for passenger injuries call 01582 437070.