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Work Accidents » Acoustic shock at work

With the rise in such concepts as telephone banking, the increasing number of call centres and the decline of the face to face approach to business mean it is hardly of any surprise that acoustic shock has been labelled the industrial injury of the 21st century. As a result, any work-related accident compensation claims for acoustic shock syndrome are being represented by personal injury solicitors throughout the UK today.

An acoustic shock can be defined as a sudden burst of sound which can temporarily or even permanently damage the eardrum and cause excruciating pain. Acoustic shock may be caused by a high-pitched noise like a whistle or even an explosion or gunfire at close range.

Potentially, acoustic shock syndrome could happen to anyone but the ears of telephone call centre staff, who use telephones and headsets for the majority of their working day, are most vulnerable, meaning that call centre staff are probably most at risk of sustaining this workplace injury.

Employers are partly responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their workforce and if they violate this responsibility and their staff sustain personal injuries as a result, they could face legal action. Employees of call centre staff especially should take every step to reduce their employees risk to acoustic shocks by making sure that they are not exposed to any noise louder than 188 dBA but this is quite difficult to ensure in practice.

If an employee is exposed to an acoustic shock, call centre management should make sure that a traceable reporting system is carried out and the following information is logged:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Description of the noise
  • Duration of exposure
  • Details of the precise headset and telephone used
  • Whether the incident was electronically recorded
  • Symptoms experienced by the employee after the incident

Such information may help if an employee wishes to make a future work-related accident claim for compensation. It is also an employers responsibility to report work-related injuries where an employee is unable to carry out their normal work for more than three consecutive days or that result in hospital admittance for more than 24 hours under RIDDOR.

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