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Pedestrian seeks injury damages

Updated: 13 Jun, 2011

A car crash lawyer has submitted the road traffic accident claim of a Cambridgeshire man who suffered severe multiple injuries after being hit by a heavy goods vehicle and dragged beneath it for several metres.

According to the compensation writ submitted by the man's car crash lawyer, damages are being sought from the lorry driver and his employer for failing to observe the claimant as he made his way across a zebra crossing in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

It adds that the driver failed to avoid collision, failed to brake in time and failed to stop following the road traffic accident. It also says that the driver should have parked further back from the road and was listening to excessively loud music at the time of the incident.

The claimant's injuries are so serious that it is feared he will never work again. In total, he suffered 11 fractured ribs and a brain injury that medical experts predict could worsen and eventually result in epilepsy.

The lorry driver's employer confirmed that it had received notice of the injury claim from the car crash lawyer firm. "The matter is being dealt with through our insurance company and their solicitors," it said.