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Man appeals for help in asbestos claim

Updated: 13 Jun, 2011

A 58-year-old former heating engineer from Paisley claims he contracted a deadly lung disease due to asbestos exposure at work.

The man claims the asbestos exposure occurred in the early 1970s when he was undertaking a four-year apprenticeship with a heating and building company.

During his time there the man carried out many repair and maintenance jobs on various buildings, including work on a school.

The man recalled how the boilers and pipework were coated with a thick layer of asbestos which was removed using hammers and chisels. The man and his colleagues were not supplied with any personal protective equipment for the work.

As a result of the exposure he began to experience health problems eight years ago and has now been diagnosed with the asbestosis. The disease has left him unable to work or to carry out simple daily tasks.

The man is appealing for help to track down the insurers of his previous employer in order to claim compensation for his injuries caused by the asbestos exposure