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Blindness and eye injury

Blindness and Eye Injury Compensation claims

Suffering an eye injury or blindness can have a devastating impact on your life and eye injury compensation claims can help you cope. If you have suffered an eye injury from an accident that wasn't your fault you could be entitled to a personal injury compensation claim.

Causes of Eye Injuries

The eye is very sensitive so injuries can lead to blindness due to its sensitivity. Causes of eye injury are:

  • Being hit in the eye causing scratches and cuts.
  • Being hit in the eye at high speed for example a smashed windscreen during a road traffic accident.
  • Complications during medical procedures such as laser surgery.
  • Burns.
  • Lack of safety precautions such as protective eye wear at work.

Symptoms of Eye Injuries

The symptoms of eye injuries vary depending on the cause. Some examples are:

  • Blurred vision, irritation, pain, sensitivity to light, watery eyes if there is a foreign object in your eye or if it has been scratched.
  • Red eyes and swollen eyelids, pain and burning due to chemical eye injuries.
  • Sensitivity to light, pain, redness, and a feeling of something in the eye are symptoms of light induced eye injuries.

Eye Injury compensation amounts

Eye injury compensation amounts are very much down to individual circumstances and each case is unique.

  • Minor eye injuries up to £4,000
  • Total loss of one eye up to £34,000
  • Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the other up to £92,000
  • Total blindness up to £140,000

Eye Injury Compensation

If you or a loved one has suffered an eye injury you will know that the effects can be devastating. We can help you make a compensation claim if you have suffered an eye injury from an accident that wasn't your fault. By completing our claims form you are taking the first step to receiving free, no obligation advice that could help you get the compensation you deserve. We'll call you straight back and give you all the information you need on a no win no fee claim for your personal injury compensation claim.

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