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Back Injury

Back Injury

A back injury can be extremely painful and have a number of effects including physical discomfort and loss of earnings due to the inability to work. A back injury can be sustained due to a number of reasons including an accident at work, sports injury, or a road traffic accident. The most common type of back injury causes lower back pain (lumbago) and is one of the primary reasons for absence at work. Some back injuries leave you unable to work for long periods of time or even indefinitely. Backache can come on suddenly - from an accident, trip slip or fall or from lifting something heavy incorrectly - or it can come on slowly. Back injuries can affect your life quite significantly due to the pain and restricted movement and can leave you unable to perform regular day to day activities or work so this is why it is important to make a compensation claim.

How is a back injury diagnosed?

Diagnosis of a back injury can require a physical examination, medical history, and maybe an X-Ray, MRI scan or CT scan. In addition to this your doctor may ask you some of the following questions:

  • Have you fallen or been in an accident?
  • Does your back feel better or worse when you lie down?
  • Are there any activities or positions that heighten the pain?
  • Have you participated in any activities that may have put strain on your back e.g. heavy lifting or sports activities?

During the physical assessment the doctor may:

Watch you stand and walk

Check for muscle strength and sensation

Examine your back for tender points.

Back Injury Treatment

Back injury treatment varies depending on its nature but can include:

  • Medication including pain killers and anti inflammatory.
  • Hot packs, cold packs, or both.
  • Flexion exercises meaning you bend forward. This widens the spaces between the vertebrae, stretches the back and hip muscles and strengthens abdominal and buttock muscles.
  • Extension exercises where you bend backwards may minimise radiating pain.
  • Stretching exercises to improve the extension of muscles and other soft tissues of the back.

You must seek medical advice before undertaking any exercise following a back injury.

Back Injury Compensation Amounts

  • Minor Back Injury: Up To £7,125
  • Moderate Back Injury: £16,300 - £22,650
  • Severe Back Injury: £22,650 - £98,500

If you suffer a back injury and want to claim back injury compensation…

If you have suffered a back injury because of an accident that was not your fault or through an accident at work that could have been prevented through proper training or supervision you could be entitled to claim compensation for your personal injury. To get free, specialist, no obligation advice from our trained legal representatives call us now on 01582 437070 or complete our online compensation claim form.

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