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Case Studies

  1. £40,000 compensation for Back Injury

    Janet Miler who suffered a back injury in an accident at work commented: "I have today received the cheque for £40,000. May I please take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all your help during this most trying of times.

    I know that sometimes I have been a nuisance and weepy but on all occasions you have been very supportive and helpful. For that I will always be very grateful.

    I can now start to get on with the rest of my life and make plans for my future. We spoke about the possibility of publicity and you have my permission to use my details if you so require. Once again, many thanks".

  2. Holiday injury leading to compensation

    Mr Pawell was on a week’s voluntary working holiday. The volunteers were constructing a building out of wooden logs. Whilst manoeuvring one of the heavy logs, Mr Pawell put his foot down a foundation hole and injured the base of his spine. A claim was brought against the providers of the holiday for failing to adequately supervise the task, failing to asses the risks involved and for giving a totally inappropriate task to unskilled volunteers. Mr Pawell received £3,800 for his injuries and lost wages

  3. Tripping over a pavement client awarded compensation

    Mrs Turner was shopping in her local high street when she blindly stepped into a deep hole in the pavement left there from pipe maintenance works. She fell and broke her ankle, meaning she had to take time off work and could not perform common everyday tasks for weeks.

    Expert knowledge was required to prove liability and negligence in leaving such a hole in the pavement, but justice prevailed, and Mrs Turner received £7,100 in compensation. The hole was quickly filled to ensure no one else became injured as a result.

  4. Injury in school leads to compensation

    Mrs Moore's son was using a climbing frame in a supervised lesson when the frame lurched violently, causing him to fall to the ground. He broke his arm in the incident and had to be taken to hospital.

    The school was found to be negligent in its care of Mrs Moore's son as the frame was not secured correctly and safely. She received £5,450 compensation on behalf of her son. She also received an apology from the school.

  5. Client attacked by a dog gets compensation

    Mr Jerry was playing with his children in the park when a dog that had been let off the leash by its owner attacked him without warning. It caused severe lacerations and bruising to his arm, and he required a hospital visit.

    It was proved that the dog had previous history of being aggressive and that its owner should have done more to control it. He was awarded a total of £1,800 in compensation for the attack.

  6. Injury at work awarded £34,000 compensation

    Miss Teresa had a job as a Care Assistant helping disabled people cope with everyday activities in their homes. One day she was assisting a client to the toilet when he went into spasm and collapsed on top of her. She twisted her back and was unable to work as a Care Assistant again – she had to give up the job which had given her great satisfaction. She spent months lying on her back in great discomfort and although her employers initially denied responsibility for her injuries, they were finally persuaded to accept full responsibility. The matter was settled before trial and Miss Teresa received £34,000 in compensation.

  7. Whiplash injury compensation to client

    Mr Shazad was a passenger in a road traffic accident. He was sitting in the front seat of a vehicle driven by his wife that was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle. He suffered dislocated and broken toes on his left foot, a fractured wrist and whiplash strains to his back and neck. He also had severe bruising to his chest and thighs. The insurers for the other driver admitted liability almost immediately and a settlement was negotiated. Mr Shazad received £10,750 in compensation.

  8. Road accident causing serious injury

    Mr Singh was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a friend who lost control of the vehicle which ended up in a ditch. Mr Singh did not know that his friend was not insured to drive. He suffered some serious injuries including a dislocated and broken hip, a broken wrist, dental injuries and facial lacerations. Even though the driver was not insured, a claim was pursued through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau. Proceedings had to be issued but the claim was then settled and Mr Singh received £86,000 in damages.

  9. Allergic reaction awarded compensation

    Mrs Micheals attended a family function in a local hotel. She had specifically informed the hotel that she suffered from a wheat allergy and notwithstanding this, was given a meal containing wheat ingredients. As a result she suffered an allergic reaction. A compensation claim was pursued against the hotel and Mrs Micheals was paid approximately £4,000 in damages.

  10. Compensation recovered from another firm of Solicitors

    Mr A Humphrey was devastated when a firm of Solicitors he instructed, failed to obtain any compensation for him after he suffered a back injury at work. The Solicitors he appointed allowed the limitation period to expire without warning Mr Humphrey of this, leaving him unable to claim any damages from his employer.

    He then approached HappyClaim to assist him and we were successful in obtaining £16,500 compensation from the original solicitors who had acted negligently while dealing with Mr Humphrey's claim. This type of claim is called professional negligence.

    An extract from Mr Humphrey's letter said:

    "Thank you for your letter dated 27th January 2005 and the enclosed cheque for £16,500 in settlement for the above claim. I would just like you to know that I was very impressed with the service offered by your firm, I was kept well informed at all levels throughout the claim process. I received a first class service which I could not fault in any way and so thank you all very much".

  11. Lack of Training led to back injury compensation

    Mr Fitzpatrick-Odahemier was employed as a residential social worker and worked in a care home for children. He had never received any lifting and handling training and on the day of his accident was lifting a fish tank when he badly injured his back. It was found that he had suffered a prolapse and also suffered from ongoing debilitating symptoms leading him to retire on the grounds of ill health.

    HappyClaim helped Mr Fitzpatrick-Odahemier to obtain £15,735 and his thank you letter read "Both myself and my partner would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to you personally for the way you have dealt with this case from the outset. Your hard work, professionalism and perseverance and the way you have supported our concerns with this case throughout has, I'm sure helped to secure this successful outcome".

  12. Pedestrian hit by car recovers £14,000

    Our Company have recently recovered £14,000 in compensation for a lady injured as a pedestrian. The lady was crossing the road using a pedestrian crossing and had almost reached the pavement, when she was hit by a car. The lady suffered a broken left radius as well as some soft tissue damage to her left ankle. Her thank you letter read:

    "I wish to thank you for your services and the amount you negotiated. I trust that you will have many more successful cases in the future and wish you all the very best".